ITProm 2017 Tropical Luau: Rising Tides



When is it? Thursday, April 13th. Doors open at 9 PM.

Where is it? The Rooftop @ The Delancey
168 Delancey Street
New York, NY 10002

Theme? Tropical Luau: Rising Tides. AKA Everyone Get on the Roof. In light of our Earth's ongoing climate issues.

What should I wear? Coconut bras, hula skirts, flower crowns, and straw slippers. Actually, this is the night where you can wear something nice. Shower, brush your hair, wear dry socks... That kinda stuff.

Do I need tickets? Unfortunately, yes. The cost of tickets is to book out the venue exclusively and to serve dinner.

How much are they? Pre-sale tickets are $15 and tickets at the door are $20. So buy them early! Pre-sale tickets end on Tuesday, April 11th at 11:59 PM.

How do I buy them? Find Dani, Chester, Zoe, or Kevin anytime on the floor! Remember that pre-sale tickets for $15 will on April 10th! After that, tickets will increase to $20. Cash or Venmo to @Chester-Dols. If you're going to use Venmo, you must state "ITProm", your full name, and the number of tickets you are purchasing in the description. If you don't do this, we are just going to take your money to buy ourselves beer.

Will there be food? Absolutely. Although ITProm starts later in the evening/after dinner, we will still feed you.

My S.O. is not an ITPer. Can I bring them? Yes! Non-ITPers are also invited. Friends, parents, relatives, landlords, and/or ex-es are all invited. But they will still need to purchase tickets, either through an ITPer or at the door!

How can I go to prom for free? Enter the Proposal Contest. Duh.